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General Information
  • 01.What Kind of First Aid Kit Is Best for You?


    How can you determine which kit is best for you? The answer comes down to your needs as well as your situation. The good news is that MediBC has options available for practically every context. This includes workplace kits, car and home kits, and even sports and training kits.

    Use these questions to help understand which kit is best for you.

  • 02.Where should I keep a first aid kit?

    • · Site Office
    • · Car/Truck/Fleet
    • · Construction Equipment
    • · Purse or Briefcase
    • · Backpack
    • · Garage/Shop
    • · Kitchen
    • · Boat
    • · RV

  • 03.Why do I need a First Aid Kit?


    Because you never know what may happen. It may seem like a fairly simplistic answer but it is the reality that we live with. First Aid Kits are the kind of thing you must think about before an emergency strikes so that you can be prepared for the unexpected.

  • 04.Can other Acme United lines be purchased as a distributor?


    The shelf life of a given product depends on when it was manufactured and how long it has been in our inventory. Shelf life and expiration dates generally only apply to items with drugs or other chemicals in them. Shelf life can vary from one to three years. If you need specific information on where to find an expiration date on your product please contact customer service at Please include the part number and date of purchase.

Ordering and Shipping
  • 01.Do you ship outs ide of North America?


    Genuine First Aid does not ship directly outside of North America. Please contact Customer Support for options.

  • 02.Do you offer same-day shipping?


    Orders received by 12:00 EST for items currently in stock will likely ship that day. If you have special shipping instructions, Please contact Customer Support for options.

  • 03.How are shipping charges determined?


    Shipping charges are based on weight and size of your shipment. All orders over $1,000 are shipped free of charge to our customers.

  • 04.Do you allow returns?


    Yes, our return policy is as follows:


    · Authorization must be requested within 60 days of receipt of merchandise


    · All returns will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.


    · All returns will be shipped prepaid at customer's expense. Freight collect shipments will not be accepted.


    · Merchandise must be in original inner cartons. Less than inner carton quantities will not be accepted. Credit


    will not be issued for ticketed or altered merchandise.


    · The following will not be accepted under any circumstances and credit will not be issued: custom made


    merchandise; packaging or displays; discounted products or products with expiration dates.


    · Returns must be clearly marked with the return authorization number and include a detailed packing slip.

  • 05.How will I know if you have received my order?


    Orders received by 12:00 EST for items currently in stock will likely ship that day. If you have special shipping instructions, please call our customer service team at (800) 886.6659.

  • 06.Are any of Genuine First Aid's products considered hazardous and need special handling?


    All of Genuine First Aid's products are safe to use and all medicines included with our kits are sold over the counter.

Product Questions
  • 01.Are Genuine First Aid products hypoallergenic?


    Genuine First Aid items are latex free, and unless individually specified, are not guaranteed to be hypoallergenic.

  • 02.Is Genuine First Aid eyewash considered safe for daily use?


    Eyewash bottles are intended for emergency use only. It is strongly advised to not use emergency eyewash on a daily basis. Once an eyewash bottle is opened, it cannot be resealed and would not be considered sterile for subsequent uses.

  • 03.Is there a letter of guarantee available for the Genuine First Aid blue metal detectable bandages?


    Yes, there is a letter of guarantee available for our blue metal detectable bandages.

  • 04.Is Genuine First Aid cabinet mountable?


    Yes, all Genuine First Aid cabinets can be wall mounted. Please follow the below procedure for instructions on how to mount your first aid cabinet.


    1.See the back of the cabinet for two holes.


    2.Measure the distance between the two holes and mark the desired location for the cabinet accordingly.


    3.Use screws (not included) to line up the cabinet to the marked location.


    4.Hang the cabinet safely on the hanging hardware installed.

  • 05.What happens when or if eye wash freezes?


    According to eyewash SDS, excessive exposure to extreme heat or cold should be avoided. If eyewash freezes and there is no evidence of leakage then the product should be OK. Freezing will not harm the eyewash. The only issue is sterility: Water expands when it freezes so if the seal is broken, then throw it out.

  • 06.How should I dispose of my ammonia inhalants?


    All ammonia inhalants can be disposed of as regular waste material, as they are not considered to be hazardous material.

Customization Questions
  • 01.Does offer custom solutions for my business idea or need?


    Yes, we're happy to work with you on developing a unique solution or branded product to meet both your short and long term needs. To start the conversation, Please send an email to contact customer service,

  • 02.Are there any order minimums for logo customization?


    For custom kits, we require a general order minimum quantity of 48 units for first aid kits and 5 units for first aid stations. There is a $75 one time set-up fee for any logo customization.

  • 03.What is needed to customize a first aid kit with my corporate logo?


    It all starts with a hi-res image of your logo, preferably in an .eps format. A logo in .jpg format can also be submitted if no .eps file is available. Logos should be submitted to our customer service team via email. Once we have the hi-res image we will create a silk screen based on the original image. This process will take approximately 2-3 days. If we already have your image on file we can proceed directly to screen printing your order. It will take approximately 2 weeks to customize your order.

  • 04.Can my kits be customized with my corporate logo?


    Genuine First Aid will customize your first aid kit purchases with your corporate logo in 1 or 2 colors.

  • 05.How long does it take to customize a first aid kit with my corporate logo?


    Adding a customized logo to your first aid kit will add an additional 2 weeks for your order to ship.

  • 06.Do you make customized first aid kits (contents)?


    Genuine First Aid can customize your first aid kits to your specifications. You can email our customer service team at with your requirements and in most cases we can send you a quote in 24-48 hours. The minimum order quantity is 48 and for custom items it will take about 3 weeks once we receive an order until the order is shipped.

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