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Service Scope
We help reduce cost and create market value for our clients by integrating research
development, production and distribution in our
  • First Aid Kit
    Professionalism and high requirements, our company intent to create the perfect product to satisfy customers demands.
  • Care Accessories
    We consistently use raw materials
    from universally known
    manufacturers which have passed inspection
  • OEM Production
    our company has continuously introduced automated
    equipment and high
    quality machines
Production Qualification
Production license is the certificate that the country grants lawfully to the enterprise thatt
has the production condition of a certain product and can assure
All FDA System Certificate Domestic Production Qualification
  • I'm the founder of the GFA
    -Michael Holstein
    Our senior management personnel have engaged in design and production of First Aid and Health Care products for the past 14 years. Thus they have an abundance of experience. In product manufacturing, we pay close attention to the practicality of each product to meet our customer requirements at the largest extent.
  • 2010
    It was formally established in March 2010. At the beginning of its establishment, GFA obtained the first-class medical device production registration certificate and the second-class medical device business registration certificate.
  • 2013
    Since GFA was founded, we continuously carry out standardization work, and have established and passed quality systems such as ISO9001, ISO13485, CMDR, MDD93/42/EEC, QSR 820 and 21CFR210/211.
  • 2016
    In September 2013 and December 2016, our company passed the device inspections of the FDA, and passed the drug inspections of the FDA in November 2014, December 2016 and April 2019.
The Factory
As a vanguard company in both manufacturing and worldwide
distribution of first aid supplies
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