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We place a strong emphasis on work ethic, quality assurance, and efficiency which we feel
are important in creating a successful business and work environment.
  • ASIA

    Mainly sold to: Hong Kong, China, Europe, Singapore, Japan, Angola and other countries and regions.

    The overall planning of the objectives of the and the means used to achieve the objectives in order to establish and sustain.

    The development of brand theory has experienced only a few decades, but there are still some good people make up the brand history.
Core Team
GFA has a senior leader team with abundant international management
We customize first aid kits, components, specific labels and logos in
accordance with customer requirements.
  • Knowledge

    Supply list for basic first aid kits

    A basic first aid kit can be used to help reduce blood loss, infection, and future medical complications…… READ
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    How to treat common sports injuries?

    With exercise, however, comes the increased possibility of injury. Most mild injuries can be treated without a visit to the hospital or a GP……
  • Knowledge

    Why First Aid Training Is Important?

    Human bodies are susceptible to injuries, illnesses and trauma. We never know when any injury may happen to us or the people……
  • Knowledge

    Tips for Wrapping a Sprained Ankle

    A sprained ankle can be painful and can make it difficult to get around. You may be able to wrap a sprained ankle yourself……
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